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      Hengshui Youjiete New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

      Hengshui YOUJIETE New Material Technology Co., Ltd.Composite Material Complete Set Product for Gas Station

      Hotline:0086-0318-8625288Language: Colse EnglishEnglish 中文中文
      Lightweight components for automobile appearance

      Composite materials in the automotive field application advantages

      ◆ Light weight and high strength

      ◆ High degree of integration

      ◆ High degree of free design

      ◆ Good impact resistance

      Excellent anti-aging performance

      ◆ Chemical corrosion resistance

      ◆ Save investment of tooling, only 25-40% of its investment compared with steel plate and aluminum

      ◆ Linear expansion coefficient is small, basically the same as steel

      Excellent noise reduction performance

      ◆ Excellent surface decoration