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      Hengshui Youjiete New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

      Hengshui YOUJIETE New Material Technology Co., Ltd.Composite Material Complete Set Product for Gas Station

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      Composite material waterstop flange


      Composite material waterstop flange


      YOUJIETE Composite material waterstop flange (for 1400 manhole well) is molded in one time with high-strength SMC materials. The product has the following advantages:

      1. Good dimensional consistency, no deformation and good interchangeability;

      2. Formed under high temperature and high pressure molding with SMC composite material, it has the properties of high strength and no deformation;

      3. Good stability, high degree of automatic operation and easy for mass production;

      4. Good matching with oil tank, easy to be adhered at multiple alignment baselines;

      5. Perfectly matched with YOUJIETE 1400 manhole well flange;

      6. Using environmental protection composite material, has the properties of high strength, corrosion resistance and conductive electrostatic;

      7. Easy and fast installation. Can reduce the inventory of oil tank manufacturers and reduce costs;

      8. Can provide installation solution for old oil tank reconstruction.


      1、Outline dimension:Φ1500X443mm;

      2、Product net weight:42kg